At THE FINAL DOOR, sixty minutes will fly by as you attempt to unlock the door to your escape.

Although our rooms are known to claim many victims, visitors of all ages are sure to have a great time! The Final Door is the most challenging fun you'll ever have in sixty minutes. So, gather up a group of friends, family, or co-workers and see if you can work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately escape one of our rooms.

Blackout was amazing...Easily best room in Columbia/Lexington plus engaging staff, which is an important factor in making these games fun
— Matthew R, TripAdvisor
Hands down the best Escape Room in Columbia. The presentation and the experience are everything you could hope for. Bravo
— Andrew B, TripAdvisor



You've been captured by an evil cult! Use your wit to solve puzzles and escape your captors. Can you escape the room before one of your team members is sacrificed by the cult?

About this room:

  • 2-8 person capacity
  • Recommended at least 4 people to play
  • $25 per person on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday
  • $28 per person on Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Must be 18+ to play without parental consent
  • Recommended age 16+
  • Restraints used for part of the game
  • Dim lighting
  • Uneven floors, leave the high heels at home!
  • Crawling required for at least one member of your team
  • Standard version 35% success rate
  • Advanced version 25% success rate


You've been drugged and kidnapped by the elusive Columbia Killer. You awaken in his basement just as a storm rolls in causing a Blackout throughout the Midlands. Will you be able to overcome your fear of the dark and escape before your kidnapper returns?

About this room:

  • This room is built for 2-4 people, making it great for a thrilling date night
  • $28 per person on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • $33 per person on Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Recommended age 16+
  • Crawling required for at least one member of your team
  • Strobe lights are used in this room and can be removed if requested in advance
  • Loud noises during the game
  • While the term scary is subjective, this room has been described as "scary"
  • Not for the squeamish
  • 40% success rate


You have been contracted by Lord Baron Vadca to exterminate the Vampyr that has taken over his castle.  The vampyr is hidden deep within the castle and your team will have to find his secret crypt before you can attempt to kill him.  Can you find and kill the Vampyr before the sun sets?

About this room:

  • 4 to 8 person capacity
  • 4 person minimum
  • $25 per person on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • $28 per person on Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Recommended age 13+
  • Crawling required for all members of your team
  • 17% success rate - This is our hardest room


Target opening END of 2017!!


You and your friends have been lucky enough to gain access to one of the last remaining post-apocalyptic strongholds. However, during the entry process you discover some of your group has become infected. With your lives on the line you have no choice but to turn on each other, who will survive?


COMING 2018!!

You and your friends have stumbled across a treasure map on the beach. While searching for the hidden treasure you learn that a band of pirates is on your tail! You have 60 minutes to secure the bounty and escape before the pirates catch up to you. Be prepared for the most fun you'll have in 60 minutes!


We’ve done rooms across the country and this one was one of the best. The ladies running the show really take pride in what they do. The room itself was challenging fun and creative.
— B. Scott, TripAdvisor
Best in Columbia
The Final Door was an awesome experience! Raved repeatedly to family and friends...
— yesman2017, TripAdvisor
The Best Escape Room in Columbia
...I’ve been to a few other escape rooms now and nothing compares so far...
— Moriah P, TripAdvisor