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About Us

It all started when two sisters, Lexie and Tracy, went to an escape room one boring Thursday night in late 2015. The love connection was instantaneous! Our obsession with escape rooms began and we haven't looked back since. We do this because we love the thrill, it's our passion to create a great and unique experience for every customer that comes thru the door. Our goal is to continue improving and providing a quality experience.

We are not a franchise, The Final Door is 100% locally owned and operated.

What Makes Us Different

First of all, every single one of our game designs, props and puzzles are created in house. We don't believe in buying room designs online like most other escape rooms, which means you won't find another experience like ours anywhere else in the world. Even our props are hand made, so they aren't cheap and you don't get that 'made in China' feel. 

It's All About YOU

We want every person in your group to have fun. We've done a few things to make sure this happens. First of all, you will notice many other escape rooms fit 10-12 people in a room. This is obviously about revenue... but we care more about QUALITY. For that reason we limit our rooms to 8 people and even have a 4 person room. Double date, anyone?

Secondly, we are the only escape room in the area that offers beer and wine. Not only can you enjoy our cozy lounge before and after your game, we offer the option for you to find drinks throughout your adventure. Must be 21+ of course, so bring your ID!





Kenny really isn't as dumb as he looks. He spends his days inspecting radioactive materials and his nights at The Final Door handcuffing and blindfolding his victims.


Tyler was our first employee here at The Final Door. Full time student by day, cult member/serial killer by night. 

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Danny is your friendly neighborhood serial killer. He is known for locking our customers in his basement and making people scream. Fear the beard!


Meet the Mother Goddess of our Sacrifice room. Maggie spends most of her time playing softball or Sacrificing our customers. You'll recognize her by the long blond hair!



Caroline is a theater major at USC and we have been fortunate enough for her to grace us with her skills at The Final Door!  According to one costumer's review, "her brows and highlights are on fleek!"  The senior staff enjoy throwing fake cockroaches at her and finding other ways to scare her.