3 Reasons to Book an Escape Room Today


The eye of Hurricane Florence has officially moved past Columbia. She’s caused all the milk, bread, and sandbags in Columbia to disappear. We’ve all been watching her development all week and at a slow 2-miles-per-hour she showed her face and continued on this morning. With all the hurricane excitement dwindling, we have three reasons why you should book an escape room today.

1) To Keep Your Sexy Figure

We don't allow eating while playing, which means, you won't be eating your hurricane snacks. However, we DO encourage drinking and playing (for those of you old enough) :)


2) Because... Cabin Fever

If you were stuck inside all day yesterday, chances are, your brain is starting to feel a little mushy and cobwebby from too much Netflix. Shake those
cobwebs loose with a stimulating escape room!

3) And, Finally, Because Nobody Ruins Sunday the Funday. Not Even Hurricane Florence.

She's been messing with our entire week and enough is enough. Get out there and make the best of this Sunday!