We are looking for an energetic and talented “game master” to assist with our guests. Geeks, gamers, actors, comedians, people-persons and fun-loving entertainment specialists are all encouraged to apply.

Game Masters help create the energy and excitement necessary for customers to have a genuine Escape Game experience while calming fears and providing the help and clarity teams need to succeed. They provide an enthusiastic attitude while maintaining a professional, service-oriented focus. Game Masters are team players who deliver flawless experiences to our customers by hosting, explaining, facilitating, and monitoring our games.

Key Qualifications: 
Commitment to treating every customer as valuable and worthy of 100% focus
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and deal well with change
Invigorated by constant personal interaction
Detail orientation and high level of focus
Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively lead groups of 2-25
Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Google Doc.)
Commitment to learning and growing in core skill sets humility, teach-ability and the ability to handle constructive criticism with maturity

A Game Master is responsible to receive and greet teams, server beer/wine, introduce games, explain game rules, answer questions, monitor games remotely, give clues/hints/help, identify potential problems in advance, debrief teams, take group photos, and accurately reset game rooms. A game master is highly skilled at uncovering customers' needs, and then following through with timely and decisive solutions. In addition, game masters are often called upon to help with merchandising, game room/building upkeep and maintenance as well as assisting their team leader. A game master's success is measured by team and individual productivity as well as overall store performance. Our game masters are proud to represent The Final Door and get great satisfaction from seeing customers thrilled by their experience with us.

Additional Requirements: 
Passionate about Escape Games and eager to share that passion with others. Willing to learn and embrace guidelines/policies behind our unique style of service. Flexible availability. Weekends are a must. Reliable transportation. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Job Type: Part-time
Required education:
High school or equivalent
Required experience:
Customer Service: 1 year