The Final Door was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective: to build the best and most immersive escape room in South Carolina. At the Final Door our passion is creating memorable, unique and thrilling experiences. We love to be immersed in engaging stories and scenarios and we want to share those experiences with others.


  • Our adventures include an immersive introduction to your game.  We put a lot of energy and effort into making you feel like you have truly been captured by a serial killer, cult, vampyr, etc.  The staff at The Final Door are not simply Game Masters; they are Cult Members, Pirates, Serial Killers, Romanian Vampyr Slayers, Zombies and Army Officers.
  • We are the only escape room in South Carolina with a beer and wine lobby.  You can order drinks to be hidden in your game.
  • We offer the only 4 person game in Columbia.  The ROI on a small capacity room is much lower than a 10 person room, and from a business prospective is not a wise decision.  However, we truly believe in putting a quality experience ahead of revenue.
  • Similar to the above, we also limit our other rooms to a 6 or 8 person capacity.  In fact, we only put more than 6 people in a room IF everyone in the group knows each other.  Again, this is to ensure a quality experience for you.  Most other escape rooms have 10 to 12 person capacities.
  • We design and build our rooms in house.  Purchasing a pre-made design/room would be much and easier and faster.  However, we feel a purchased room design feels a little bland.  It's missing that extra passion and edginess from an in-house design.
  • We personalize every experience.  This is just another way we make you feel like a part of the story and not simply an observer.
  • We offer advanced versions of our rooms.  Currently, our Sacrifice room has an advanced and standard version.  Our high-immersion reputation has attracted a lot of enthusiasts (people who have played 10 or more escape rooms and travel to play new games), and we have found they often need an extra challenge.  This is what inspired us to create an advanced version for our games.  Soon, all of our rooms will have this option.
  • Our rooms age well.  We don't build a room and forget about it.  We keep detailed stats of game flow and post game reactions.  We know EXACTLY what percentage of groups can solve each puzzle without a clue.  We know EXACTLY where the majority of groups get stuck.  These stats help us identify weak points in our game flow, puzzles that are too hard for the average player, and much more.  We take this information and continually tweak the rooms and puzzles.  For example, we tweak puzzles to ensure we don't have any puzzle that fewer than 50% of groups can solve without a clue.  So, when I say our rooms age well, I mean, they actually get better the longer they are open. 
  • We have other features that make us stand out from other escape rooms, however, I don't want to spoil any surprises, so you'll have to play to find out :)


Together with an amazing staff of Escape Room Enthusiasts we have created the ultimate escape room experience. But don't take our word for it, see why our customers are saying The Final Door is the best escape room in Columbia.

The reviews below are from customers who have done escape rooms at multiple companies and mention "Best in Columbia", "Best Escape Room", "Favorite", and/or "Most Immersive"

Wow. Just Wow.
Such a great escape room. I’ve been to them all over the country but this one is my favorite. You get to order beer and then find it while you’re playing the game. Also the game play is very well though out, the quality of the equipment is there and they even throw in a tiny bit of theatrics. What a great place. Hiiiiiiiiiiighly recommend
— Vintageblues, TripAdvisor
Amazing Escape Room Worthy of a Larger City!!!
This was amazing! I have done 7 and this was my favorite! Even though I didn’t breakout!
— Marble327, TripAdvisor
Sooo Much Fun
This was the second time I’ve been to the Final door. I have done an escape room at two other places and this was by far my favorite. The girls really get into character for the added experience. Where I could think of several things for improvement at the other escape rooms I’ve been to I really can’t think of anything to improve on. Without giving anything away I have to say I love all the twists and turns that are thrown at you here!!
— Jess W, TripAdvisor
Best Birthday Event
I have done multiple escape rooms and this has been my favorite. It was the perfect mix of Erie and intriguing. We did this for my birthday and it was such a hit. I can’t wait to see what other rooms they come up with
— Jessica G, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Experience So Far
I have done 7 escape rooms up to this point and The Sacrifice room at The Final Door is definitely my favorite so far! I have tried a wide variety of rooms in Charlotte and Atlanta and we are fortunate to have such an amazingly high quality escape right here in Columbia that meets or beats anything else I’ve experienced. Theming is wonderfully immersive with an intricate story and lots of unique elements. There is a great mix of challenges and puzzles, both physical and mental along with high quality props and design. All the puzzles were both fun, engaging, and difficult enough to feel really satisfying when solving them. Our team of 6 had a fantastic time. We had a mix of escape room veterans and rookies and everyone was impressed from the moment they entered the building and were greeted by the super friendly staff to when we had our final picture taken. We all had an amazing time. We did escape and we look forward to the next rooms this talented team will come up with!
— waybub, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room Around!
The Final Door is by far the best escape rooms that we have ever been to. The staff is incredible, they really take the time to get to know you as well as make sure your visit is amazing. The rooms just keep getting better and we can’t wait to come back. Do yourself a favor and go check out the folks at the Final Door, you won’t be disappointed!
— vjmoskaitis, TripAdvisor
The Best Experience
This experience was by far the best!!! It was my first time at Final door and I truly had a Great time with friends.
— C Handream, TripAdvisor
Incredibly Atmospheric Escape Room
This is the best escape room I’ve been to so far. The group I went with, which together have done over 30 escape rooms, agreed that this is likely the best one we’ve been to in the states. This place is a must-go.

This is a really well-crafted place that’s very on-theme and on-tone. The puzzles were great - no fake clues, no “oh this is BS” moments which we’ve had at other rooms. With four people it was a solid challenge and we beat it with only a few minutes left. Really rewarding - I couldn’t recommend it more.
— 166grob, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room We’ve Done
Super fun and well-thought out across the board. Very clever scenario and the facilitators really helped us get in the spirit of the “game.” This is the third escape room we’ve ever done (other two were in Norfolk, VA), and this one had by far the best scenario, facility, and facilitators. Go for it and enjoy!
— Scott Z, TripAdvisor
Had so much fun doing this.  Went with a group of four and was paired up with two other people.   All 6 of us worked together like we knew each other.  We escaped with 5 minutes left!  The clues are not easy, but don’t require an advanced degree. They do require you to think outside the box and to work together as a group. Also require you to pay attention to detail.  Staff is awesome, they obviously love what they do and really get into character.  This is one of the most unique experiences in Columbia.

**FYI, this review came from someone with 33 yelp reviews. Of the 33 review he has given, only two were 5 stars; this review and one other.

Thank you Matthew R!
— Matthew R, Yelp
The Best in Columbia!!
Hands down the best Escape Room in Columbia. The presentation and the experience are everything you could hope for. Bravo
— Andrew B, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room in Columbia!
This was our second time at The Final Door and it was even better than the first. My fiancé surprised me with Black Out and it was my favorite birthday present. The fact that you find your purchased alcohol WITHIN THE GAME is the best thing ever! Can’t wait to go back again!!!
— B Morgan, TripAdvisor
The Best One Yet!
My husband and I have frequented a few escape games with various groups of people. I would say that this is the best yet. The owners, Lexie and Tracy, were friendly and very accommodating. We also loved the atmosphere. We look forward to our return for the new rooms!
— Ashly W, TripAdvisor
One of The Best Escape Room Experiences
We’ve done rooms across the country and this one was one of the best. The ladies running the show really take pride in what they do. The room itself was challenging fun and creative.
— Bobby S, TripAdvisor
Words can’t describe how much my family and I enjoyed our time there on October 9 2016. We had so much fun. We did not get through the last door in 60 seconds but hey we had fun anyhow. The lady that helped us was incredibly sweet and kind and on behalf of my family, I would like to say THANK YOU You two beautiful wonderful ladies Tracie and Lexie are the best. I ain’t had an experience like that in a long time. It was so much fun.
— Thomas B, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room Ever!!!!
Best escape room ever! And the owners of the place were there to great you and get you set up for the room! And when we finished we sat in the lounge And had a blast the whole time we were there! Highly recommend this place!
— J Yandler, TripAdvisor
The Best Escape Room in Columbia
My boyfriend and I found this place by word of mouth and he suggested it for our first date. I was pretty nervous about the experience, I had never done an escape room! So we pulled up to a small looking building and we’re pretty apprehensive. You walk into an awesome lobby area filled with games and already an immersive atmosphere. The actually game itself is super creative, immersive and completely engaging. I’ve been to a few other escape rooms now and nothing compares so far. The staff that work here are amazing, they make it fun and love when you come back!
— Moriah P, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room I’ve Ever Done!
My friends and I love to try different escape rooms, and the Sacrifice room at The Final Door is by far the most involved and enjoyable. We can’t wait to go back and try their other rooms!
— Sam S, TripAdvisor
I was so excited after we went . We did the sacrifice room. Put your thinking caps on , if it is a logical answer, do the opposite. definitely will go back to do the next room . Huge rush when you get to the last part of the puzzle.
— Tim M, TripAdvisor
Best Room so Far!
This was my 3rd experience at 3rd different business. The Final Door nailed it. Loved the atmosphere and way the clues and challenges flowed. Great job! We escaped with less than 2 minutes to spare using our 3 clues
— fun2bewitty, TripAdvisor
Very creative! The best escape room I’ve been to hands down. It blew the rest of the rooms I’ve been to out of the water before I even got into the actual room. Friendly staff and they have a cool lobby area with some mind games on each table. Overall I really enjoyed the room and will definitely be back for more.
— Garza M, TripAdvisor
Best in Columbia
The Final Door was an awesome experience! Raved repeatedly to family and friends and have told everyone who will listen to treat yourself to some fun!
— yesman2017, TripAdvisor
Great Experience!
Final Door is all in! We’ve done other escape rooms, but this was, by far, the best we’ve seen. We went with our next door neighbors, 4 adults, 3 college students and 1 high school student. It was engaging and exciting and a wonderful experience for all of us. We highly recommend it, especially if you think you’re the smartest one in your family!
— Kay Z, TripAdvisor
Best Place Ever
We absolutely loved his place! In fact, we decided to do two rooms in one day! These rooms are so creative and the owners really get into it with you! We’ve done games at several escape rooms but these are so much better than their franchised opponents! You won’t be disappointed!
— Kassie B, TripAdvisor
I’ve done several escape rooms and I will say that blackout was one of the best rooms I’ve done. It’s creatively laid out and decorated. I will definitely go back to try out their other rooms.
— Maggie L, TripAdvisor
Blackout Was Amazing
I’ve been to about 8-9 rooms now and I believe blackout was easily top 3 for me. You only are allowed 4 people so you don’t have to be concerned with getting people you don’t know or bossy/controlling people who can ruin the fun. Overall just a really well thought out room that is definitely worth trying. Easily best room in Columbia/Lexington plus engaging staff, which is an important factor in making these games fun.
— Matthew R, TripAdvisor
So Much Fun!!
We had an amazing time! I’ve done a few escape rooms and this was by far the best! Everyone was so friendly and made the experience one to remember. I’m excited to go back!!
— Erin M, TripAdvisor
Had a GREAT Time!
The employees did a great job and made the experience better with their interaction. I’m fairly new to escape rooms, but the final door is the best one yet. I can’t wait to go back and do another room.
— Brooke R, TripAdvisor
Awesome Experience!!!!
My wife and I love escape rooms and we have done quite a few. Final Door is the best we have done so far. We have done two at Final Door and enjoyed both of them.
— Nik M, TripAdvisor
The Sacrifice was The Real Deal!
Soooooo well done from the setup before it starts to the finish! This is my third escape room experience in 3 different locations and this was the best, cleanest, well thought out and they have a bar! Not just saying that because I finally escaped one. lol. Highly recommend this experience!
— Natalie H, TripAdvisor
The Sacrifice
This escape room was a top notch experience. Best in the Columbia area! Highly recommend this location.
— Kaci H, TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room so Far
Was by far the most fun escape room that I’ve done so far. Very well set up. The staff was great. Very courteous and they were able to get us a room in under 30 mins wait time.
— Jon H, TripAdvisor
It Was So Much Fun Can’t Wait Until You Guys Open The Zombie Room
We had so much fun can’t wait till you guys open the Zombie room
We have done a few Escape Rooms before but this is one of the best iv been to!
— Brad T, TripAdvisor
I’m Still in Here...Help!
Our group of eight did The Sacrifice room this past weekend and we had a blast. I’ve done a few escape rooms and this was by far the best yet. The owners were very welcoming and the rooms were laid out very well. The clues were well-thought out and difficult enough that we barely made it out with 30 seconds left! We will definitely be coming back once the other rooms open in a few weeks and I would recommend The Final Door to everyone.
— Ted Jr, TripAdvisor
My experience at Final door was one of the best! I have personally been to 5 different Escape style companies and competed in 7 different Escape Rooms and this room, The Sacrifice, was by far the best. It was extremely immersive, and creepy, and everything you would want in an escape room. I loved it. We escaped with about 20 mins to spare and were pumping with Adrenaline the entire time. I would highly recommend the Final Door to anyone who wants to experience Escape rooms.
— Glen A, TripAdvisor
Great Room
After having done rooms throughout the southeast I have to say this is the best in Columbia and really well put together.
— Anthony D, TripAdvisor
Intellectually Thrilling
This escape game is the third one I’ve played and out of all of them, this one had the best balance of adrenaline/frightening and intellectually difficult. I really enjoyed this room and can’t wait to go back for more!
— Frances L, TripAdvisor
Awesome Experience
We have done a couple of escape rooms and this, by far, was the best! We loved it and can’t wait to come back for the next one!
— Robbin W, TripAdvisor
One of The Best Rooms We’ve Ever Done
VERY impressed by this room! My friend and I did The Sacrifice with another group of six. The game master made sure we all introduced ourselves before, which was helpful in establishing rapport with the team. The story was great, and the clues were very fun! They moved you through each room logically. The women who owned the place designed it themselves. Kudos to them for the creativity, for sure. We can’t wait to come back! We got Smarties at the end for escaping :)
— Cassidy H, TripAdvisor
Awesome place! I haven’t been to many Escape Rooms, but I would imagine this is one of the best! Definitely fun, very challenging with lots of surprise twists. It’s also a great place to hang out! Definitely a thumbs up and definitely go check it out! Highly recommended:)
— Candice R, TripAdvisor
Immersive and Solid Game Flow
The entire experience was solid and flowed well. I have done a few escape rooms. This was the most immersive for me. The puzzles made sense, were clever, had a good variety, and fit the game. We got out with eight minutes to spare. Highly recommended
— Kevin W, TripAdvisor
Great Fun!
One of the most immersive and interactive escape toomd I’ve done to date! So much fun and we clobbered it!
— gtrentos, TripAdvisor
Great experience!!
There is a reason they are 5 out of 5 on Google, 100% Groupon, and 5 out of 5 Facebook! If you are or are not considering either way this is a must!
— John T, Google

My wife and I have done two of the escape rooms here and both were excellent. The staff is very friendly and the rooms are the most challenging and fun in the area. I await the opening of their new rooms.
— Reed, Google

My boyfriend and I have done both rooms and can’t wait for more rooms to come! This was a first escape room experience and now we are addicted. Definitely a must do if you are even thinking about it!
— Megan H, Google
Really immersive and engaging. Very nice staff. I highly recommend it.
— Dan F, Google
The final door is really quite good, in terms of escape rooms it is by far the best one I have done in SC and has a better production value than the other Cola escape room.
— Anthony D, Google

WOW!!! What an AWESOME experience!!
I’ve been to a few different escape rooms and had lot of fun but this one is by far the best I’ve ever been to!!
First, the lobby is not a “Lobby”’s a lounge. Good ambiance, good lighting, good music. They are going to be serving Beer & Wine soon but until then you can bring your own.
Then, the Escape room ...Wow. I can’t say enough about how cool and clever all the clues were. The theme and story line of the escape experience was consistent yet not repetitive. It was so much fun piecing the clues together.
The owners did a great job maki g sure you have fun from the time you walk in the front door till the time you leave.
Highly recommend going!! You won’t regret it!!
— Faye F, Google
Grand opening isn’t until July 15, 2016 but we had the pleasure of going to a soft opening to try the room out and I have to say I have done a lot of escape rooms across the country and this is by far one of my favorites. Very friendly owners that are so enthusiastic about their business. The room that we escaped from was very well decorated and well executed. I am very much excited to come and do the many rooms they have planned and are working on when they are ready. Highly recommend this escape room!
— Katrina F, Yelp
I’ve done about a dozen escape rooms. By far one of my favorite. Amazing staff and immersive atmosphere! The owners creativity really shows in the set up of the location and decor in the lobby. The “waiting room” to go into the rooms is one I’ve yet to come across and I loved it!

Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new experience or even a veteran of escape rooms.

I’m so excited to stay tuned for their new rooms. I’m sure it’ll be just as much of a scare and challenge as “The Sacrifice”.
— Martha G, Yelp
I’ve done countless games from a variety of different companies in a few different states; However ... I must say that this is one of the best, and quite possibly, THE best one that I’ve experienced thus far. The owners are passionate about what they do and easily transfer that passion and excitement into their rooms. The atmosphere is amazing! It’s evident that great care was taken into putting these rooms together. Consequently, the decor, props, and overall impression is unmatched. This is a great way to challenge yourself and your friends and family members regardless of experience level. If you’re new to escape games, I highly recommend checking this place out, the ambience will surely keep you coming back. Experienced players, my recommendations extend to you as well, for this was a truly unique experience. I expect great things from this place, and am excited to try other rooms in the future. The Final Door is the new-found Gem of Columbia!
— Kevin F, Yelp
This was our 6th escape room. Hands down, it was by far our favorite. We’ve done 2 rooms here and cant wait for the next!!
— Nancy L, Facebook
The most thematic, immersive, and interesting fun puzzle escape room we’ve been to!
— Casey L, Facebook
I’ve played Blackout and Sacrifice...I can’t pick a fav...they both are awesome!!!
— Tameka B, Facebook
Took the hubby for his birthday and had an amazing time. We did the Sacrifice room. It was excellent!! Best escape room we’ve been to so far! Can’t wait to come back and try another room. It wasn’t easy, but the clues made sense. Loved it!
— Eau N, Facebook
Best Escape Room in Columbia. Did Sacrifice tonight and it was awesome.
— Bradley M, Facebook
It was great worth the money. We been to other escape rooms in other places like Orlando, San Antonio, El Paso, and 2 other in Spain but this was definitely one of the best.
— Maggey L, Facebook
We’ve done at least 8 escape rooms all over the east coast, and the final door has our top 2 favorite rooms!!!
— Essence S, Facebook
Best escape room I’ve been too! So many cool things inside & staff keeps character which I love! Had a great time! Can’t wait to try the next room
— Tiffany A, Facebook
The best intense escape room I’ve ever been to! I loved it! I am now addicted and will be back again! The staff were super friendly. If you haven’t been then you must go! ! It’s well worth it! ! 5 stars for this awesome place and staff!!
— Tabatha H, Facebook
So much fun!!!! We have done a couple so far and this was so unique and so entertaining! The staff/owners were fabulous! Wonderful characters and kept it so fun!!!!!! Thank you!!!
— Carmen B, Facebook
Had an awsome time on Saturday!!! I have done one other escape room in NC and I thought that was fun but this one was even better! I wish you all nothing but the best with the opening of your new rooms in the near future. I will definitely be back! WE GOT OUT!!!
— Candi H, Facebook
The BEST escape room EVER!!!! We had so much fun from start to finish!! Can’t wait to escape the new room!!! We will be back!!! Thank you!
— Caroline M