We're Expanding !!!

We've added an additional 1,200 sqft to our current space! As a result of our expansion we have decided to push back our zombie room to accommodate a more elaborate set design. This expansion is allowing us to make some exciting changes to the theme that we know you will love. Are you ready for our first competitive escape game!?

Can't wait that long? Neither can we!! Which is why we are opening our NEWEST room this early this summer!

Zombie vs Army!

You and your friends have been lucky enough to gain access to one of the last remaining post-apocalyptic strongholds. However, during the entry process you discover some of your group has become infected. With your lives on the line you have no choice but to turn on each other, who will survive?

  • Target opening Fall 2017

The Vampyr!

While backpacking in Romania your group stumbles upon a beautiful castle in the mountains. But all is not what it seems... the last place you want to be right before sundown is anywhere near a vampire's castle. You and your team have only 1 hour before the sun sets and the vampire awakens.

  • Target opening Summer 2017